Announcement to Agents

11/26/14: BriteQuote (SENT VIA EMAIL TO AGENTS)

BriteQuote is now active within your agent portal. There are training videos. Please watch them at your convenience. This is only for policy effective dates 1/1/15 and greater. As I have mentioned before, we are rolling our policies off the old software on to BriteCore one month at a time. We are currently processing February 2015 renewals in BriteCore. Payments can be made by credit or debit card by insureds on our website: We will work to add ACH and sweep accounts in the future, but we currently do not have an account tied to ACH, so please do not attempt to send payment in this format. We take cash, check, money order, debit and credit as we have always done.

If you have a prior term endorsement for a policy effective 1/1/15 or greater please email that request to your underwriter at Century Mutual. We will take care of it for you. If you have a quote, endorsement, payment or new business for anything effective 12/31/14 and prior please call, mail, email or fax that to Century Mutual as it will not go into BriteCore. Effective 1/1/15, we will be adding an Identity Recovery endorsement to all HO-2s & 3s and FO-2s & 3s. We encourage the addition of this endorsement to all new business likewise. This is good coverage at an affordable price.

We are diligently working on the new rate manuals and we will let you know as soon as the manuals are available.  

Please take a look at the videos when you attempt first quote for 2015 and if you have any trouble we will be happy to walk you through the process, but please try it first.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Karen Morris

11/7/14: Notice of New Policy Management Software (sent Via email to agents)

Century Mutual is in the final stages of implementing an online policy, billing and claims management software, BriteCore. You will begin to see the affects of these changes within the next week, or so. The January 1, 2014 renewals will begin to print Friday, November 14th. BriteCore will allow us to notify you sooner of renewals, changes to policies, etc via email. I have attached an example of what you will be receiving via email and instructions to manage the emails.

We are sending out a letter to policyholders in their renewal offers noting these changes. There were some changes made to lines, rates and fees in order to fall in line with the parameters of the software to keep our timeline for implementation. Some rates and fees will be lower and some will be higher. We are in the process of updating rate manuals and will be making them available to you as soon as possible. We will send a summary of the changes around the same time.

Do not hesitate to contact either Ann or Ivey if you have specific questions. Effective 1/1/15 renewals & new business, Ivey will handle all business for agents with agency codes starting with the number 3 and Ann will handle all that start with the number 1. Faith will be handling all billing and receivables.

The next year will be spent transitioning from our old DOS based policy management system to the new system. The next phase of the implementation will involve the addition of BriteQuote online quoting software. We are planning to have this up and running by the first of the year if all continues to go as well as it has for the BriteCore implementation. BriteQuote was one of the main selling points of the software. I received all positive feedback from other companies using this quoting software. In the meantime, the quote request process will remain unchanged.

I will be providing you with logins for your agency portals within the next month. A week or two prior to going live in BriteQuote I will send a link to view an online tutorial for BriteQuote that you can view at your convenience. We are dedicated to make this transition as easy as possible for you and the policyholders.

We look forward to being able to provide even better service to you and we hope that you are as pleased with the outcome as we already are. Please, do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.

Kindest Regards,

Karen Morris

11/7/14: Identity Recovery Endorsement (Sent Via Email to Agents)

We are pleased to announce that with the conversion into a new policy management software we will now be able to offer an Identity Recovery Coverage endorsement. This endorsement has a premium of $15 dollars. We wanted to make this affordable for the policyholders as it seems to be relevant in today’s society. Please see the attached announcement detailing the coverage that will be added to most homeowners and farm owners renewals and new business effective January 1, 2015. This is an optional coverage, so there is an opt out form attached in PDF. This denial can be signed for both homeowners and farm owners.  Below is a video link further detailing the endorsement. I have also added information about this coverage to our website Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions. 

Kindest Regards,

Kindest Regards,

Karen Morris


Announcement to Policyholders

8/28/16: In preparation for the 2016 hurricane season click on the checklist below provided by the insurance institute for business & home safety to make sure you are prepared for severe weather

11/18/14: Notice of New Policy Management Software/Notice of Identity Recovery Coverage Endorsement (sent with renewal offers for policies effective 1/1/15 and later via standard mail)

To our valued policyholders:

You may have noticed that things look a little different…

 We are in the process of converting all of your policies into a new policy management software system. We are updating and improving to provide easier payment options, policies that are easier to read and faster processing of your requests.

 We will continue to have the personal customer care that you have always received, but with a different look and more efficient service. We hope that these changes will make your experience even better.

*Included in your policy is an Identity Recovery endorsement that will help you recover your identity and restore your credit history. To learn more about this coverage and other insurance products that we offer please visit our website,, and click Insurance Products. If you have questions about this coverage or prefer to opt-out of this endorsement please contact your agent.

 Thank you for your continued business!

*Only policies that qualify for this endorsement included this message in the letter.